TLS 2200® Thermal Labeling System


The TLS 2200® is a light weight (2.75 lb/1.25 kg) portable printer packed with features to make identifying your structured cabling environment a snap. This thermal transfer printer delivers crisp, clear, non-smearing labels every time and its smart cell technology guaranties ease of use. Just drop the labels in and print. The TLS 2200® will automatically serialize, and can also print two copies of each serialized label - one for each end of the run. Features include memory for label storage, banner printing, and PC connectivity. More than 200 different labels are available to fit all your identification needs.


  • Store labels and create lists.
    The TLS 2200 printer's internal memory allows you to create and save legends in lists and recall them with only a few keystrokes.
  • Easy to handle, easy to use.
    Handheld, lightweight and easy to use, the TLS 2200 printer lets you print whatever you want, whenever you want. And it reads the type, size and style of labels you're using and automatically adjusts itself — without wasting material.
  • PC compatibility.
    New PC compatibility allows you to print directly from Brady LabelMark™ software. Now you can import lists from a spreadsheet to LabelMark and print directly to the TLS 2200 printer. This software package is written specifically for identification applications in the telecomm, electrical, laboratory and general industrial markets. LabelMark simplifies label formation through an easy step-by-step wizard; it is the perfect compliment to any TLS 2200 printer.
  • Portable bar coding.
    Never be tied to one location again. Now you can have permanent, quick and crisp bar code labels whenever and wherever you want them.
  • Continuous labeling.
    The TLS 2200 system provides continuous labeling with fixed length and banner printer options. Print up to 50 characters using the largest font size, on continuous labels up to 4 feet long, or customize the length of the label to any size you need.
  • Autotext sizing.
    Autotext sizing allows the TLS 2200 printer to read your label style, select a suitable type size and register it for printing — instantly.
    • Custom TrueType font
    • Labels up to 2" wide (50.8 mm)
    • Print length up to 54" (1371 mm)
    • Two line liquid crystal display (LCD), 16 characters wide
    • UL and CUL listed battery charger - 120v/60hz input 9VDC 183ma output
    • Prints over 500 labels between battery charges
    • 6 month warranty
    • Adjustable for 6 different widths of labels
    • Built-in industrial label cutter
  • Sleep Mode - Set the printer to "sleep" after 1, 3, or 5 minutes of non-use to conserve battery life.

Applications of the HandiMark® Portable Label Maker

  • Industrial Bar Code Labeling
  • Faceplate ID & Symbols
  • Heat Shrink Sleeving
  • Pre-Printed Labels
  • Desi-Strip Insert
  • General Industrial Labeling
  • Terminal Block
  • Self-Laminating Wire ID
  • Wire and Cable Marking
  • Tear-Resistant Tags
  • Bar Code
  • Self-Laminating Wire ID
  • Centrifuge Tube Identification
  • Patch Panel Labels
  • Static Dissipative PROM Label
  • Heat-Shrink Sleeving
  • Static Dissipative Component Label
  • Polyimide Board Label


Agency Approval(s)/Compliance: FCC Class A approved
Print Resolution: 203 dpi
Print Technology: Thermal Transfer
Application(s): Circuit Board Labeling, Data Communications Labeling, Facility, Safety & Maintenance Identification, General & Industrial Labeling, Laboratory Identification, Panel Identification, Security Identification, Wire & Cable Marking
Keyboard: ABC
Max Labels Per Day: 750 labels/day
Display: LCD
Character Height: 1.81"
Max Label Width: 2.000"
Max Print Width: 1.81"
Max Print Length: Up to 54" (1371.60 mm)
Max Roll Length: 50' (500' bulk)
Text Sizes: 1 to 19 (4 to 72 point)
Color Capability: Single Color Printing
Multi-Line Print: Yes
Print Rotation: Yes
Serialization: Yes
Bar Code Type: 1D (Linear)
PC Connectivity: Yes
Peripheral Printing: Yes
Stand Alone Printing: Yes
Connectivity Options: Parallel
Portability: Yes
Memory: 21,000 characters, 10 label lists
Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery, AC Power (optional)
Operating Temperature: 40° - 120° F (4° - 49° C)
Materials Supported: Continuous/Die Cut, Bulk, Over 350 stock parts/custom
Continuous vs Die Cut Labels: Can print both continuous and die cut labels.
Dimensions: 11.500 in x 4.250 in x 4.000 in (292.10 mm x 107.95 mm x 101.60 mm)
Weight: 2.75 lb (1.25 kg)
Warranty: 12 Months - See Terms and Conditions
Patent Numbers: #D409,230; #5,918,989; #5,951,177; #6,113,293; #6,142,686