BBP31 Sign and Label Maker


Description for BBP31 Sign and Label Maker

This monochrome sign and label printer can print on labels 1/2" wide to 4" wide. Designed for ease of use and versatility, this printer features an intuitive touch screen display, simple label design, and a wide variety of material. applications.

Coined as "2-step printing," this printer enables anyone on your team to create labels without prior training. They simply type their desired text and hit the print button - and that's it. With true "walk-up-and-print" ease of use, everything that needs to be labeled in a facility actually gets labeled! Watch the demo video to see for yourself.

The BBP31 Sign and Label Printer has built-in apps for common labeling applications including:

  • Pipe Markers
  • Arc Flash Labels
  • RTK Chemical Labels (NFPA diamond, Color Bar or WHIMIS)

The BBP31 Sign and Label Printer also offers a variety of design wizards for common label types, a library of pre-made labels, sign templates, and over 200 built-in symbols and graphics for advanced label creation.

The BBP31 Sign and Label Printer can print on hundreds of different label supply parts to take on all the different labeling needs of your facility.

BBP31 Sign and Label Printer Materials:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl (B-595)
  • Low-Halide Polyester (B-569)
  • Pre-Printed Pre-Cut Blank Sign Headers (B-595)
  • Pre-Printed Right-To-Know Chemical Labels (B-595)
  • BradyGlo™ High-Intensity Photoluminescent Tape (B-526)
  • Retro Reflective Tape (B-584)
  • Make Your Own Valve Tags
  • Non-Adhesive Tag Stock (B-551)
  • Repositionable Vinyl (B-581)
  • Printable Magnetic Supply (B-509)
  • Cold Temperature Application Materials (B-549)
  • Raised Profile Engraved Plate Substitute Labels (B-593)
  • Self-Laminating Cable and Wire Labels (B-427)
  • Tamper Evident Metallized Polyester Tape (B-438)
  • High Temp Metallized Polyester Tape (B-565)

BBP31 includes: Printer, power cord, USB cable, drivers CD, stylus, cleaning kit, cutter cleaning tool, quick start guide and documentation holder.

Features of the BBP™31 Sign and Label Printer:

Label Size & Color Option:

  • Prints on 1/2" to 4" label widths
  • 8 print ribbon colors
  • 13 different materials in 16 different colors

Unprecedented Ease of Use:

  • Walk-up-and-print operation – everyone on the team can make labels!
  • Smart chip supplies auto-communicate label set-up & size to printer
  • Drop-in supplies change out in seconds!
  • Large, high-resolution touch screen display
  • Drag and drop objects and text to create labels
  • Preview labels before printing
  • Stand alone or PC operation

Fast Label Printing:

  • 3" per second print speed
  • Short processing time between pressing print button and actual printing
  • Smart chip material and ribbon cartridges that tell the printer how to format your label
  • Built-in design wizards for arc flash labels, Right-to-Know and WHIMIS chemical labels, and pipe markers
  • Library of pre-made labels ready to pick and print
  • Templates for quick creation of safety labels

BBP31 Label and Sign Printer Applicaitons

Facility and Plant Maintenance:

  • Pipe identification
  • Machinery and equipment labeling
  • Floor labels with text
  • Identification for production floor
  • Building and grounds identification
  • Safety labels
  • Arc flash safety warnings

Safety and Compliance:

  • Signs
  • Machine warnings
  • Safety warnings
  • Hazardous chemicals (NFPA704M, Color Bar, WHIMIS and ANSI formats)
  • Emergency egress marking
  • Safety equipment labeling
  • Gas detection labels
  • Arc flash warnings
  • ANSI and OSHA safety labels and signs

Lean Manufacturing and Visual Workplace

  • Floor labels with text
  • 5S labels
  • KANBAN cards and labels
  • Testing point labels
  • Kaizen event labels
  • Lean metric board labels
  • Min / max labels
  • Shelf and bin labels
  • Housekeeping labels
  • Visual workplace labels

Laboratory Identification:

  • Heavy duty chemical labels
  • Safety labels and signs
  • Research equipment labels
  • 4-color NFPA704M diamond labels for chemical containers
  • Lab housekeeping and instructional labels
  • Labels for plastic jugs, decanters and hoses


  • Panel identification (large labels)
  • Pushbutton labels (22.5mm and 30.5mm dia)
  • Engraved plate substitute labels
  • Arc Flash "Warning" and "Danger" labels (2 sizes)
  • Self-laminating wire and cable labels
  • Buss duct switch labels
  • Voltage labels
  • Service feed and ratings labels for panels
  • Equipment labels
  • Operator control labels
  • Electrical warning labels
  • Panel "clearance" labels

Voice and Data Communications:

  • Self-laminating cable labels
  • Labels for data room components
  • Labels for component racks & shelves
  • Data center equipment labels
  • Panel & enclosure labels
  • UPS outlet labels
  • Under-floor labels
  • Fire suppression system labels
  • Pipe marker labels for cooling piping
  • Data center emergency contact & instructional labels


Application(s): Arc Flash Labeling, Barcode Labeling, Data Center Labeling, Facility, Safety and Maintence Identification, Laboratory Identification, Lean/5S Labeling, Lockout Tagout Labeling, Panel Identification, Pipe and Valve Marking, Product Identification, Security Identification
Color Capability: Single Color Printing
Connectivity Options: USB
Keyboard: Yes
PC Connectivity: Yes
Peripheral Printing: Yes
Power Supply: AC Power
Print Resolution: 300 dpi
Print Speed: 3"/sec
Print Technology: Thermal Transfer
Continuous vs Die Cut Labels: Can print both continuous and die cut labels.
Warranty: 12 Months - See Terms and Conditions
Includes: Printer, power cord, USB cable, drivers CD, stylus, cleaning kit, cutter cleaning tool, quick start guide and documentation holder
Literature: BBP31 Sign and Label Printer Brochure
RoHS Compatibility: Compliant with RoHS Directive. NOTE: All statements concerning RoHS Directive compliance refer to 2005/618/EC MCV amendment to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC. Product compliance is based upon information provided by suppliers of the raw materials used by Brady to manufacture these products, or by independent laboratory testing of these products. As such, Brady makes no independent representations or warranties, express or implied, and assumes no liability in connection with the use of this information.
QTY/UOM: 1/Each